Outside5 (WinCE)The Helena Township Public Library is supported by residents of Helena Township. The library offers three public access Internet computers, free audiotape and audio-CD books, videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs in addition to a large selection of bestsellers, children’s books and non-fiction. Any titles not in our collection can be interloaned from other libraries.

Reserve Books at our Website!

We’re running with the big dogs now! Our library catalog is finally online. This means that you can now go to our website and see if we have a book, see if it is checked in or out, and place a reserve on the book from your home computer! This site is updated every 10 minutes, so you will have current information.

Here’s how you use it. You will need to register by choosing a log in name and a password and then entering either your library card number or your driver’s license number depending on which you use at the library (call us if you’re not sure, but most of you will have a library card barcode). Please enter your email address, if you have one, and we will be able to notify you by email that we are processing your request. Once you’ve registered you can just log in each time you visit.

Each morning and afternoon we will check here at the library for new reserves and then call or email you when they are here. You will have two days to pick them up once you have been notified that they are ready.

One interesting fact….by law we cannot give the title of the reserved book to anyone other than the person reserving it. This means that we will not leave the name of your reserved book on your answering machine or with your spouse or children!

Also, if you don’t see a book listed in the “New Books” column in our catalog, it just means that the book has been ordered but isn’t here yet. You can still reserve it by calling the library.